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No matter how much you know about a person, you know little about him if you don't know about his desires, wishes, and dreams. I like to keep my wishes secret, because I believe that as long as you keep your dreams and desires secret, they keep on gathering mass, that is, their chances of being fulfilled goes on increasing. So I may be taking a risk when I am opening up my heart before you. Here is a list of many of my dreams, desires, and wishes in fairly random order:

  • I dream of a world that is free from folly, poverty, inequality, violence, abuse, atrocity, discrimination, illiteracy, pollution, and territorial restrictions.

  • I wish we could protect ecosystem and biodiversity of the earth, that is, the animals, plants, trees, and wild, on the land as well as in the sea.

  • I wish humans to end completely their addiction and use of bidi, cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, gutka, drugs, coffee, and tea.

  • I wish humans could reach and inhabit other corners of the universe.

  • I wish my life to be of use for the world.

  • I wish to know about the spiritual world completely.

  • I wish to know everything about everything.

  • I wish to read every good story and novel and see every good serial and movie.

  • I wish to have the ability to see the past and the future.

  • I want to be free from every trace of anger, anxiety, tension, jealousy, and fearI want my heart, my mind, to remain in perpetual calmness and peace.

  • I wish I could realize the supreme spiritual state if something like that exists.

  • I wish to die, not just physically but also spiritually; I want to be free from the cycle of life and death; I want moksh (salvation).

The mission as well as the story of my life is my pursuit of these wishes, desires, and dreams. I have some idea but not a clear picture of which of these wishes I will be following in the future and when I will be doing so.

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