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M. M. M. Engineering College, University of Gorakhpur, UP, India (1990-94)

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Mechanical, 1994

First division with Honors, 79% marks

Khair Industrial Inter College Basti, UP, India (1985-90)

Intermediate (UP Board), 1990

First division, 74.7% marks

High School (UP Board), 1988

First division with Honors, 75.4% marks

St. Joseph's School, Basti, UP, India (1976-85)

From kindergarten to class seventh


  • National Scholarship in Intermediate and BE for academic achievement.

  • Best Student Award for getting highest marks in the district in High School.

  • Akikrit Scholarship in High School for academic achievement.


  • I was selected for BE through a tough competitive examination with a good position in my first attempt.

  • For several years in my academic career, especially in later half, I remained at the top of my class.

  • I could solve any problem of physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering. I was good at mathematics and arts too—I used to get the highest marks for my essays.



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