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spirituality, yoag1, meditation, occult, spiritualism, mysticism, reincarnation, life after death

philosophy, metaphysics, determinism, free will, philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, philosophy of science, philosophy of physics

physics, mechanics, modern physics, relativity, wave & quantum mechanics, wave particle duality, indeterminacy, physical chemistry, astrophysics

mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, set theory, permutation and combination, probability

psychology, psychoanalysis, personality tests, IQ, decision making

parapsychology, extra sensory perception, psychic abilities, precognition, out of body experience, paranormal, magic

thinking, planning, day dreaming

research, problem solving, discovery, logic, argument

politics, democracy, socialism, communism, bureaucracy

global order, UN, NAM, EU, AU

social service, NGO's

history, culture, civilization, mythology, epics

science, astronomy, cosmology, evolution

technology, computers, internet, biotechnology

engineering, mechanics of materials, dynamics of machines, kinematics of machines, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow, geometrical drawing, machine design, material science 

palmistry, numerology, astrology

health, nutrition, fitness, homeopathy, ayurvaid2

nature, environment, animals, plants, flowers

television, news, debate, quiz

novels, stories, movies, serialsóthrill, horror, suspense, action, detective, historical, romance, comedy, travelójokes, quotes

chess, cricket, cards, carom, badminton, tennis, electronic games

music, sitar, guitar, tabla, santoor

movie songs, pop songs, gazals, bhajans, kawwalees


  1. The correct way to write and pronounce 'yoga' is 'yoag' where 'oa' is pronounced the same way as it is done is 'goat'.

  2. The correct way to write and pronounce 'ayurveda' is 'ayurvaid' where 'aid' is pronounced as it is done in 'maid'.

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