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Here is a peek into the diary of my thoughts, observations, and conclusions. The date and time accompanying each is that when I wrote it into my diary. It may or may not be the date when I had it in my mind for the first time.


3/11/2007 1:43:25 PM

Enlightenment is a gradual process. It is not like the lighting of an electric bulb but like the rising of the sun. It is noon without an evening or sunset.


8/2/2003 11:18:13 AM

I can neither create nor destroy anything immortal; I can not make a difference that will last for ever; nobody can.


28/11/2002 9:46:53 AM

Providing one vote to everyone, democracy is basically a socialist system.


11/11/2002 9:27:59 AM

Love is a beautiful mistake.


3/11/2002 9:08:57 AM

Universe is the smallest clock.

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