Changing the future through time travel

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Adithyaa R
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Changing the future through time travel

Post by Adithyaa R » 04 Oct 2013, 20:47

In your book, God and Destiny, page no. 12, you have said, "As you cannot change whatever happened in the past, you cannot change whatever has to occur in the future from what is predestined." I have a doubt in this. Can we not change our past by traveling back into time (time travel)?

Vivake Pathak
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Re: Changing the future through time travel

Post by Vivake Pathak » 04 Oct 2013, 21:02

Time travel is a fictional concept. There cannot be any time except the present. Past is what present was, and future is what present will be: past and future do not exist in reality.

You or anything cannot go in any time except the present. Wherever you go, you will find present. You cannot go into past, because past is gone—it has already happened. It is by definition not changeable. You cannot go into the future, because future has yet to realize. It is not yet here.

Going into any time except the present is like going out of the universe. You are a part of the universe; wherever you go, universe will extend up to there, so you or anything can never go outside the universe. Similarly, you are inseparable part of the present—there is no way for you or anything to leave the present. In other words, time travel is impossible.

The concept of time travel is absurd, and so is the concept of changing past or future by going into those times.

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