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I am an engineer-turned-writer. My first book, God and Destiny: The Supreme Knowledge, has been published by Rupa & Co., one of the best publishing houses in India. It is 242-page general nonfiction that broadly covers philosophy, religion, and physics. In the future I wish to write some more books on the topics of my interest and of use to people.

My current areas of research are the nature of soul and foreknowledge (prescience or prediction of future). If you have any knowledge, scientific or based on beliefs, in this reference, then please share it with me. Or if you know someone who has knowledge or experience of the nature of soul or who has the ability of accurate prediction of the future, let me know about them. I highly appreciate your help.

I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with Honors from MMMEC, a reputable engineering college of India. For several years in my academic career, especially in the later half, I remained at the top of my class and received scholarships for academic achievements. As a student I was very good at mathematics and artsI used to get the highest marks for my essays. But I was better at science: no problem of physics, chemistry, and mechanical engineering was invincible for me. When I was in job, I was termed a brilliant engineer for my accomplishments.

Basically, I am a thinker, scientist, researcher, and poet. Thinking, researching, and experimenting, I keep on finding new things as I live. My current book, God and Destiny, and the next one that I have planned are both based on my findings. I have written about one hundred poems, which I would like to publish in my third book.

I am from a very well educated and loving family. I have a wide range of interests and like to take part in indoor as well as outdoor games, recreation, and social activities, though I get very little time to pursue my interests. I possess elementary knowledge of palmistry and psychoanalysis and love to play chess, badminton, and cricket. Some tourist places are still left that I have to visit.

I am in search of laughter, peace, knowledge, excellence, and salvation. I like intelligent conversations that are free from abuses. I love the rain in all its forms and shapes.


spirituality, yoag? occult; philosophy; science, physics, mathematics; politics, history, culture; nature; psychology; hockey, tennis


myth, biographies, novels; stories, poetry, jokes; palmistry; gardening; chess, badminton, cricket; designing; writing poems; music; movies; traveling


Ramkrishn Paramhans, Osho; Newton, Einstein; Gandhi, Lincoln; Vyas, Shakespeare; Neeraj, Khaiyyam; Ravi Shanker; Kasparov, Karpov; Amitabh, Swarzenegger; Sachin; Mahabharat, Geeta; Sholay, Terminator, The Evil Dead, Baby’s Day Out; Rose, Cacti; Dosa, Mango


He does not throw dice. – Einstein


My book is now available in most bookstores in India. The website of the book is also complete for the time being:

You are at, the official website of Vivake Pathak who is the author of God and Destiny.