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I think I am acquisitive, affable, affectionate, analytical, audacious, benevolent, benign, bold, careful, cogitative, cognitive, coherent, commanding, communicative, conceptual, conclusive, concrete, consistent, constant, creditworthy, daydreamer, deductive, definitive, dependable, determinative, dialectical, discoverer, discriminate, do-not-disturb, dutiful, exact, fanciful, fictive, fixed, frank, heedful, hesitating, humanitarian, ideational, illative, indrawn, inductive, inferential, intellectual, introvert, inventive, inward, kind-hearted, leader, logically-minded, loving, merciful, methodical, meticulous, non-rigid, open-ended, orderly, planner, practical, precise, principled, private, quiet, ratiocinative, rational, reasoner, regular, reliable, reserved, resolute, responsible, reticent, romantic, sci-tech, scientific, self-assertive, self-important, sociable, soft-hearted, stable, steady, sympathetic, systematic, technically-minded, tender-hearted, thoughtful, unambiguous, unapproachable, unchanging, unimpassioned, unsentimental, unwavering, visionary.

I think I am not adoring, aloof, ambiguous, avaricious, boastful, capricious, carefree, careless, casual, changing, closemouthed, cocky, cold, conformist, covetous, decisive, desirous, detached, doubtless, down-to-earth, ebullient, ecstatic, effervescent, effusive, extrovert, exuberant, fanciless, fantasist, fickle, flexible, freewheeling, frigid, gluttonous, grabby, grasping, gushy, hard-hearted, harum-scarum, hateful, heedless, helter-skelter, high-spirited, homebody, impassioned, impassive, impractical, incogitative, incoherent, inconsistent, inconstant, incorrigible, indiscriminate, inimical, insatiable, irrational, irresponsible, limber, loner, loud, lovey-dovey, lukewarm, lyrical, materialistic, maudlin, mawkish, meandering, melodramatic, merciless, mushy, never-the-same, noisy, non-concrete, ional, occasional, orderless, outspoken, over-confident, over-imaginative, over-realistic, passionate, pell-mell, physical, popular, prehensile, recluse, rigid, scatter-brained, schmaltzy, secluded, shameless, shy, spaced-out, speculative, spontaneous, stolid, subdued, swerving, taciturn, talkative, theoretical, thoughtless, timid, uncertain, uncommunicative, uncongenial, undependable, undeviating, unemotional, unenthusiastic, ungregarious, unhesitating, uniform, unreliable, unreserved, unromantic, unsettled, unsociable, unsympathetic, unsystematic, vague, variable, wandering, wavering, whimsical, wishful-thinker, woolgatherer

Mulled over during Socionics Type Assistant test.

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